What one person considers a negative, another person just

might consider a positive.

Once, long ago, to a friend, I commented.

“My ankles and knees hurt.”

My friend, who was wearing prosthetic legs replied.

“My ankles and knees never hurt.”



Appreciation, thankfulness, gratitude are all easy and the same.

Start with just one thought and add to it and continue to add

thoughts and ideas.  Like building from a base upward one

grateful thought after another, until one has a wall of


Consider the basics: the senses one has or has not, sometimes

what someone doesn’t have is as powerful as some something

someone else has.

Think about the what you know how to do.  Reading? Be grateful for the ability, the education to read.

Is there a skill or a fun ‘thing’ like ‘doodling’ on paper.

Be grateful, be grateful you have a mind to consider all the things for which you can be grateful.

In the distance

In the distance the skies were gray, overcast, heavy clouds

full of threat, seemed to be within reach. The miles and miles of

fields through which I drove were freshly plowed. A scent of

earth filled the interior.  A good smell. Dirt but clean, fresh.

Suddenly beams of light pierced the layers, carressing,

coloring pink two Sycamores in the distance.