About Me

My ministerial title is legally Abbe` after the French style of Abbe`s who were most early Celtic/European area’s wise woman, well keeper, reader, scribe, herbalist, birth helper, educator,  embracing a little bit of everything  human in the community.  

The terms Preacher, Pastor, Minister, Reverend, Sister, just didn’t quite fit.  I just couldn’t quite answer to any of those. Certainly,  I could do the necessary work, but I couldn’t ‘hear’ when my name was being called, with one of those prefixes.

My friend was planning my Ordination ceremony and we were going through the different ‘readings’  mostly from Ephesians, and generally putting it all right in the sequencing and table cloths and positioning, menus and music, etc. 

I was idly flipping through an old Webster’s dictionary and came across Abbe`. 

With my Celtic/ thick Scottish ancestry, and reverent appreciation for their blending of the Pagan with the Christ Consciousness, it was, I believe, Divinely inspired.


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