An Abbe` I am

Abbe` is my ministerial title.  As my Ordination date rapidly approached, the question loomed larger, and larger : What ‘Title’ would be placed in prominence, before my full name, for the duration of this lifetime.

For certain, one even quick glance does not show me to be ‘Preacher’. Nor does a Reverend quite fit. Pastor was close, but not.  Brother? Not even. Ha-Ha.

Sister humbles me to tears nearly every time I hear it, but I just couldn’t imagine it on my state’s license.

From the Celtic traditions came the term Abbe`. Too,  my ancestry has strong Scottish matriarchs, wise women of quiet patience and certainty of the Divine.  Also, that Celtic influence of support for the individual’s personal Divine walk, rang true for me.

Abbe` it was/is.

The ceremony’s twelve Scriptural readings were from Ephesians.

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