Gardening Days

Gardening Days

Early, with the sun’s lighting dark places, I begin my stroll through the garden areas. I’m looking for projects for the morning: extra water for some plants, dead debris removal, areas needing soil replacement, and re-seeding in a few places.

Joyful, joyful, joyful is this experience. Sweat may be pouring out of me, soaking my hair, stinging my eyes, the water hose may kink and stop, a bumble bee may make me move out of its way. However all of those may be, Joy remains.

The future claims its place. A seed’s outer garments will be no more. Instead there will be color and other species coming to enjoy the loveliness.

Several large pots filled with soil lined along a south fence are the bulk of my garden. The visiting creatures seem not to notice an absence of tilled soil along the ground like some gardens. They work anyway, taking in the pollen, doing what ever, what all they do, for whatever their purpose may be.

This year has shown many Butterflies, Bees, Damselflies and Hummingbirds.

Joyful, joyful, joyful is the purpose and the experiences are my gardening days.


A Cool Place, or, A Place to Cool


The heat is upon us! Add in humidity, maybe a bit of exertion and a person can be zapped of all energy quickly.

A place to get cool is a blessing, maybe a life saver, for sure a health saver.

Maybe air conditioning is not available. The shade of a tall and foliage heavy tree can do wonders to freshen and invigorate a human being . Turn on a box fan while spritzing a spray bottle of water, maybe lemon water. Whoooie Fresh!

Some of our communities are offering cooling stations: designated places with air conditioning and fresh water, and the opportunity for people to come in and cool down.

Along some ‘Walkers’ Through fares I’ve noticed some residents pay Kindness Forward with large insulated water jugs, the kind with a button-spout, and inexpensive paper cups at the ready for people who are parched and walking.

There is so much for which to be grateful: Liberty and the freedom to pursue happiness, kindnesses of strangers, gorgeous summer skies, birdsongs so happy and gay.

A place for us, somewhere……

We live in a time of Support Groups. Whatever the need, no matter how rare and special it may be, there is usually a Support Group for that NEED.

If there isn’t a Support Group for a person’s particular need, then maybe it is time for that person to form a support group.  Speak with a Church or Community Spaces about  using a room, maybe one night a month, or once a  week.  Print a few flyers to post around. Make some announcements on a few internet bulletin Boards.

Especially, be grateful.  These are times of people coming together, learning together, encouraging and uplifting together. Be grateful together.


Decades before I became what I now am, people were telling me their deepest, and to them, darkest burdens. Guilts were flounced, and whispered in the air like a quilt of many patches and stitches and colors.

Many of those ‘guilty’ things were continuing in their present. A curiosity of thought to me then and now, is how they can be so burdened with guilt over things of then, but the same thing now, continued over years, is now, not so bad, maybe even comfortable.

Some of their confessed ‘Sin'(isn’t it an Acronym for Self Imposed Nonsense?) is on the big ten, others are definitely on the road and nearing.

Greatly intelligent each and all, but each and all, by their own efforts, are in Harm’s Way. Confessions to me move their place there, not one iota.

An Abbe` I am

Abbe` is my ministerial title.  As my Ordination date rapidly approached, the question loomed larger, and larger : What ‘Title’ would be placed in prominence, before my full name, for the duration of this lifetime.

For certain, one even quick glance does not show me to be ‘Preacher’. Nor does a Reverend quite fit. Pastor was close, but not.  Brother? Not even. Ha-Ha.

Sister humbles me to tears nearly every time I hear it, but I just couldn’t imagine it on my state’s license.

From the Celtic traditions came the term Abbe`. Too,  my ancestry has strong Scottish matriarchs, wise women of quiet patience and certainty of the Divine.  Also, that Celtic influence of support for the individual’s personal Divine walk, rang true for me.

Abbe` it was/is.

The ceremony’s twelve Scriptural readings were from Ephesians.

Being Grateful in the Midst of Chaos

Abbey of Gratitude

is a bit of a challenge and in so doing makes us much stronger and calmer and prepared for the things we must do.

Storms have been numerous. Floods in some places, fires in others, and in other places, people have senselessly harmed other people.

Overwhelming situations of chaos seem all powerful in their big, strong and fierce ways.

We are bettered when we remember: our resilience as a people, the changing and passing of all things, the rush of thousands of people into the storms to bring help, and hugs, and prayers.

Be encouraged because helping hearted people rush into the storms that have been our history.

The empowering attraction of being thankful will bring in more good and more reasons to be thankful.

Forcing oneself to be grateful takes control, powerful control, away from the negatives, while at the same time giving us confidence in Light overcoming darkness…

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A File Box

Old, dented and smudged from much use, hold my prepared thoughts on various topics.

My brain is not one to work fast. especially in the mornings.  So often someone would ask what to say or think or how to pray in the different situations of their need, and me and my brain would be a blank.

Those times were too frequent for comfort or confidence.

My response?  A file box of notes at the ready, interspersed with categories and notes of dates and names when different thoughts, or topics, or scriptures, or inspiring quotes, were used.  A lot like a recipe collection, only filled with (hopefully) comforting prompts.



What one person considers a negative, another person just

might consider a positive.

Once, long ago, to a friend, I commented.

“My ankles and knees hurt.”

My friend, who was wearing prosthetic legs replied.

“My ankles and knees never hurt.”


Appreciation, thankfulness, gratitude are all easy and the same.

Start with just one thought and add to it and continue to add

thoughts and ideas.  Like building from a base upward one

grateful thought after another, until one has a wall of


Consider the basics: the senses one has or has not, sometimes

what someone doesn’t have is as powerful as some something

someone else has.

Think about the what you know how to do.  Reading? Be grateful for the ability, the education to read.

Is there a skill or a fun ‘thing’ like ‘doodling’ on paper.

Be grateful, be grateful you have a mind to consider all the things for which you can be grateful.

In the distance

In the distance the skies were gray, overcast, heavy clouds

full of threat, seemed to be within reach. The miles and miles of

fields through which I drove were freshly plowed. A scent of

earth filled the interior.  A good smell. Dirt but clean, fresh.

Suddenly beams of light pierced the layers, carressing,

coloring pink two Sycamores in the distance.